Solo 401k Providers and Their Scope of Services

A reader asked me if there's any reason not to use TD Ameritrade for a solo 401k. TD Ameritrade offers many Vanguard ETFs commission-free. For more on solo 401k in general, please read Solo 401k When You Have Self-Employment Income. When I looked into the solo 401k documents from the big 5 solo 401k providers -- Vanguard, Fidelity, Schwab, TD Ameritrade, and E*Trade -- I noticed one thing. Even though their basic prototype documents are more or less the same, different providers serve as [...] No Longer Features Local Agents

My term life insurance will expire soon. Not technically expire but the renewal rate will skyrocket after the level-premium period comes to an end. Since I'm still going to work a few more years, I want to have life insurance for some more years to [...]

The Right and Wrong Reasons To Buy A Home

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chase Mortgage Banking . All opinions are 100% mine. The economy is getting better. So is the real estate market. A co-worker is in the market to buy a home in the San Francisco Bay Area for the [...]

Acorns App And The Latte Factor

You must have all heard of the Latte Factor®. It was coined by author David Bach. It says if you save $4 a day by skipping a [Starbucks?] latte, and you invest it, you will have a lot of money when you retire. This inspired automatic savings [...]

FidSafe: Online Safe Deposit Box From Fidelity

This was buried in the same letter from Fidelity which announced free trades on 5 additional iShares ETFs: FidSafe®: Manage your and your family's finances by safely storing, organizing, and accessing digital copies of important financial, [...]

Automatically Deposit Dividends To Any Bank Account

Brokers are sometimes accused of profiting from dividends paid into a cash account that pays you nearly nothing. You can automatically reinvest the dividends for free at most places. If it's a taxable account, you can always transfer the dividends [...]

How To Cut Down Tax Refund Identity Theft Fraud

I received my tax refund as expected. Thankfully no one filed a fraudulent tax return using my Social Security Number. I heard tax refund identity theft is becoming more rampant these days. You file your taxes only to hear that some criminals beat [...]