Card-Linked Offers: AmEx Offers and BankAmeriDeals

Some credit cards offer limited-time special deals to their cardholders. "If you purchase $X from this place before this date, you will get a $Y credit on your statement." These are called card-linked offers. They are different than store-wide coupons. Coupons are taken off from the total at the time you buy. Card-linked offers are credited after the fact. Coupons usually don't care how you pay. Card-linked offers are tied to a specific card you use to pay. AmEx Offers AmEx Offers is a [...]

2016 401k 403b IRA Contribution Limits

The IRS will release the official numbers in October but due to rounding rules I can safely project what the 2016 contributions limits for various retirement plans and IRAs. Inflation is very low this year. For the most part, the limits in 2016 will [...]

Staying In Your Job After Financial Independence

The age of early retirement is coming down rapidly. There are several blogs about retiring at 40. Mr. Money Mustache famously retired at 30. Lately at least two bloggers beat MMM and retired at 25. Do I hear 20? How about 15? Last month I went to [...]

The Millionaire Next Door Misinterpreted

I read sad news a few months ago the co-author of The Millionaire Next Door book Thomas Stanley was killed by a drunk driver in a car accident. I checked out the book from the library for a refresher. After I read it this time, I see the book is [...]

The Largest 529 Plan And The Power Of Distribution

While looking at 529 plan information, I came across an interesting tidbit. It also tells us something about investing in general. Every state has a 529 plan. Some states have more than one plan. Which state has the largest 529 plans in terms of [...]

What Does Vanguard Mean By "Employee Conversion"?

When I was getting my records organized, I saw this on the Vanguard trade confirmation for converting from my traditional IRA to my Roth IRA. I am an employee somewhere, but my employer doesn't have its plan at Vanguard. Regardless, what [...]

Mint Interview: My Not-So-Secret Secret

I did an interview with personal finance site last December about investing: Expert Interview with Harry Sit on Investing for Mint. They told me it had the highest pageviews among all interviews in that round. Thank you for that. They [...]

Rollover a 529 Account From One Plan To Another

A reader alerted me that the interest rate on Virginia's CollegeWealth 529 plan invested in a BB&T savings account had been lowered from 2.25% to 1.00%. The other bank in the same plan Union Bank & Trust also lowered the rate to 1.5% over [...]