Encrypted USB Flash Drive For Financial and Legal Documents

As many employees working for a large company do these days, I get a laptop issued by the company. You are not supposed to use it for personal business, but I'm not that good in strict compliance. Sometimes I put personal documents on it just for convenience. A recent glitch made me re-think that practice. Now I make sure all personal documents go on a personal USB flash drive that I own. Using a flash drive this way comes with its own problems. If I lose the flash drive, whoever picks it up [...]

Executing Mega Backdoor Roth In Solo 401k

At the end of 2014, I amended and restated my solo 401k plan from a prototype plan sponsored by Fidelity to a prototype plan sponsored by Ascensus. I did that in order to enable non-Roth after-tax contributions for so-called mega backdoor Roth. See [...]

2015 Tax Software: Smaller Price Difference

Last year, Intuit, maker of TurboTax, tried to force users to upgrade based on what tax forms and schedules they needed. They met a big outcry from customers. When the dust settled, their CEO apologized and they put all the forms and schedules back [...]

Right For Refund When The Airline Changes Your Schedule

Airlines don't play very fair. When you buy a ticket, it's usually non-refundable unless you pay double or triple the price for a refundable ticket. Except with Southwest, if you want to make a change, they charge you up to $200 plus any fare [...]