Life Insurance and Dangerous Professions

[This is a guest post from contributor Karl.] When it comes to something as complicated as life insurance, there are always a few questions to be answered. One of the most common questions involves the life insurance eligibility of those with dangerous professions. If you have a dangerous profession, can you get approved for life […]

How to Save Money on Your Mortgage

Buying a house is likely to be your single greatest purchase in your lifetime. Because you will pay a substantial portion of your monthly income on your home loan payment, finding ways to save money on your mortgage is essential. Consider these ways to save: Know how much the mortgage total will be. Instead of […]

Basic Questions On Gold and Silver Investments

[This is a guest post by freelance writer Todd Selby.] With the stock market looking unreliable at best in recent months, people are talking a lot about alternative investments. Of course, there are still those who manage to play the stock market in a beneficial way, but in a climate that sees even Facebook — […]