Target RED Card Debit: Zero Fraud So Far

I said the Target RED Card debit card is the most secure among all cards affected in the Target data breach. It turned out to be true. I have the Target RED Card debit card. I used it at Target during the time period the data thieves were stealing card information from Target. I didn’t […]

Vanguard Financial Plan Review: (1) The Questionnaire

I filled out the questionnaire for getting a Vanguard Financial Plan last week. I will document how it works so you can decide whether it’s worth doing. The plan is free once per rolling 12 months if you have $500k or more in qualifying assets with Vanguard. It costs $250 if you have $50k or […]

Marriage Penalty or Bonus Poll Results

I thank the readers who participated in the marriage penalty or bonus poll. The results are in. Among the responses, 43% receive a marriage bonus. 57% receive a marriage penalty. This split is somewhat a surprise to me. I thought more would have a marriage penalty. You definitely hear more about the marriage penalty, rarely […]

Make Backdoor Roth Easy On Your Tax Return

It’s tax filing time. I’ve been fielding a lot of questions on my two popular articles about the backdoor Roth (if you are not familiar with it please read these first): Backdoor Roth: A Complete How-To How To Report Backdoor Roth In TurboTax On theme quickly emerged. All those who are confused were contributing to […]

H&R Block Tax Software 2013 Deluxe + State $19.99

Although TurboTax is more popular and TaxACT is sometimes less expensive, I use the middle-of-the-road H&R Block Tax Software. At the time I’m writing this now, Amazon is selling tax software H&R Block Tax Software 2013 Deluxe + State for $19.99. The Deluxe version works for me just fine. The Premium version, which supposedly includes […]

Import W-2 and 1099 Forms Into TurboTax and HR Block: From Where?

[Updated on February 18, 2014 based on products for the 2013 tax year.] After reading my previous post Fake TurboTax Discount Through Vanguard and Fidelity, reader Mike sent me an email: I have accounts with both Vanguard and Fidelity, having several mutual funds, ETFs, and individual bonds, etc., with each company. I am able to […]

Setting Up HSA at Eli Lilly Federal Credit Union

Eli Lilly Federal Credit Union (Elfcu) offers the best HSA for investing HSA money. I completed my HSA setup at Elfcu. Here’s a walkthrough of the timeline. Apply Online Day 1: I did the online application. You can join the supporting organization Tru Direction in the online application. As it’s common in online applications, I […]