Best HSA Provider for Investing HSA Money

When I first started my Health Savings Account (HSA) two years ago, I decided to just use the savings account at Alliant Credit Union. At that time Alliant Credit Union’s HSA was paying 2% interest, which was comparable to the yield on a short-term bond fund. Because money is fungible, I just moved some money […]

How to Rollover a 401k Without Going Out of the Market

When you rollover a 401k from a previous employer, most 401k providers will sell all your investments and send a check to your new 401k or IRA provider. Some 401k providers will make the check payable to “[new provider] FBO [your name]” but they will send the check to you. You then forward the check […]

2013 Reader Survey Results

I put out a short survey for reader feedback on December 30. I received more than 100 responses. I want to thank everyone for taking the time in giving me feedback. Overall Rating To the question Compare The Finance Buff blog with other personal finance blog or media you also read, how would you rate […]

2014 I Bonds vs PenFed CD

A new year brings a new quota for I Bonds. In the past few years buying the full quota was part of my ritual in January. That’s $10,000 for me, $10,000 for my wife, and another $5,000 from tax refunds later in April. You can also buy more for trusts if you have them. The […]

2013: Great For Investments, Bad For Investing

This will be the last post in 2013. So far this year this blog published 134 articles and received 1,250 comments (350 of which were my replies to readers’ comments). I didn’t track the total hours I spent on producing these 134 articles and 350 replies to comments. I think 200 hours would be very […]

CurrencyFair Suspends Foreign Exchange Service for US Customers

CurrencyFair came up on top for sending money to another country when I looked at different options a few months ago. See previous post Get the Best Exchange Rate: Bank Wire, Xoom, XE Trade, Western Union, USForex, CurrencyFair. I used it once after I wrote that article. It worked very well. I registered an account […]