Basic Questions On Gold and Silver Investments

[This is a guest post by freelance writer Todd Selby.]

With the stock market looking unreliable at best in recent months, people are talking a lot about alternative investments. Of course, there are still those who manage to play the stock market in a beneficial way, but in a climate that sees even Facebook — one of the most impressive and popular tech companies in existence — plummet as soon as it becomes publicly traded, it’s hard to be too sure about anything!

One of the more popular alternative investments that people seem to be considering these days is fine metal, and specifically gold and silver. Investing in such resources is a fairly new concept to many people, so here are some brief answers to some of the key questions you may have about bullion investment.

Where Can I Invest?

Naturally, gold and silver bullion are not traded in the stock market, which means that you need to find other ways to invest in them. Fortunately, there are numerous Internet sites, such as Bullion Vault, that offer you easy ways to purchase real, tangible gold and silver as investments. At these sites, you can purchase any amount of bullion you like, and either have it sent to you or stored in a secure vault until you wish to withdraw it or sell it. The process is really quite simple and reliable.

Why Invest In Gold Or Silver?

The most important thing to understand in addressing this question is that gold and silver bullion are not related to any company or national economy. This means that they are immune to the potential sudden shifts that can be brought on in stocks. While this doesn’t mean that gold and silver investments are necessarily always strategic or safe, the actual value of gold and silver bullion tends to be more stable by comparison to stocks and currency. Many people who invest in bullion do so in order to protect their finances from potential decreases in value due to currency shifts.

Should I Invest Now?

This is the trickiest question, and of course if there were a single right answer, everyone would know it and profit from it. Typically, the time to invest in precious metals is when the greater world economies appear to be struggling, or heading downward. These are situations in which your currency may decrease in value, and people may trust in gold or silver.

The current economic climate is particularly difficult to read, however, as the U.S. economy appears to be showing signs of slow but sure recovery, whereas the European economy appears quite troubled. The best idea is to monitor trends and advice on your own for at least a few months before making a decision regarding your own investment.

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  1. Harry @ PF Pro says

    I think I posted a question like this on the boglehead’s forum and pretty much everyone was against for various reasons. So are you in favor of investing in gold/silver? I don’t think there is much value in it personally but I don’t think it’s as harmful as some other investments. Like you said, you’re at least investing in a tangible asset that you can hold in your hand. There aren’t many investments you can say that about.

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