1. Austin says

    This is false; While Overdrafts are far less of a common occurrence, than with your standard traditional Checking accounts used today, Overdrafts are much less common but they are in fact AN ENTIRELY POSSIBLE OCCURENCE for users!!! They are safer in ways, but like every other technological security advancement; it still wields it’s fair share of instabilities and weaknesses. An improvement? Yes. A solution? Not even close.

    • Harry Sit says

      Please don’t leave us hanging. Tell us when you would get an overdraft and what happens after you get an overdraft. If you don’t have enough balance on the card, will your purchase at a store go through anyway? Are you able to get cash an ATM? Or is it that your bill payment will still go out? After you get an overdraft, are your charged a $35 fee for each subsequent purchase or bill payment?

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