Bought Nothing on Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving is also known as the Black Friday. Stores open extra early and offer special sale. However I bought nothing on this day. I unknowingly participated in the Buy Nothing Day not because I’m boycotting anything, I just didn’t feel the need to buy anything. I don’t get the concept of “saving” money by spending money on things I don’t need. $250 off a wide-screen TV is good if I need a wide-screen TV. If I don’t, it means nothing. When I need it, I’m sure the price will be even lower.

What did you buy on Black Friday? Did you get a good deal? I hope you didn’t have to line up early outside the store in the cold.

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  1. Another Diehard says

    Like you, I refuse to line-up early or buy things I’m not actively in the market for.

    I also shop (pretty much exclusively) at a grocery store that doesn’t issue frequent shopper cards. I hate the idea that the best pricing in the store wouldn’t be extended to me, by default (as is the case with most).

    I had a revelation several months ago: I own way, way, way, too many things. This year, the predominant gifts I’m buying (and have asked for) are from “Heifer International”.

    I set a New Year’s goal (early) to eliminate 50% of my belongings in 2008. I’m not joining a cult, just trying to simplify things (and save more money).

    Thanks for your excellent blog. I hopeful that you detail your vacation in future entries…

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