Buckingham Investor Radio: Free Podcast Featuring Larry Swedroe

I started listening to the free Buckingham Investor Radio podcast recently. The podcast is produced by Buckingham Asset Management, an investment advisory firm in St. Louis.

The podcast has two hosts — Don McDonald and Tom Cock — but to be honest the real star of the show is Larry Swedroe.

Larry Swedroe is Buckhingham’s Director of Research. He wrote many books on investing. I’ve read all of them. They are all great. I also subscribe to Larry’s blog Wise Investing on CBS MoneyWatch.

Recent episodes of the podcast included conference calls Buckingham hosted for its clients. These conference calls covered the debt ceiling, the S&P downgrade of US Treasuries, and the market volatility. Larry Swedroe was the main speaker in these conference calls. Buckingham’s clients pay good money to get advice; now thanks to Buckingham and its clients, you get to hear these advice for free.

In the June 26 episode of the podcast, the hosts offered Larry’s new book The Quest for Alpha for free to the listeners. I’m not sure if the free book deal is still going on.

Besides Larry Swedroe, the podcast also often has guests from Morningstar, DFA, and other places.

You don’t need an iPod or iTunes in order to get the podcast. Any podcast receiver software will download the mp3 files. You then listen to the mp3 files on your computer or copy the files to a portable player. If my five-year-old iAudio mp3 player ever dies I’m going to get an inexpensive one like this SanDisk Sansa Clip+ ($30).

For some reason I can’t get this podcast to work seamlessly in my favorite podcast receiver software Juice. I think it’s due to a combination of the podcast including an extra ‘/’ (investmentadvisornow.com//podcasts instead of just investmentadvisornow.com/podcasts) and Juice not handling that extra ‘/’ well. I contacted Buckingham about it. I hope they will fix it soon. No problem if you use iTunes or other software though.

Here’s the link to the podcast again: Buckingham Investor Radio.

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  1. John says

    Somewhat OT, but I also have a ~ 5yo iAudio that is working great. However I misplaced the USB cable so decided it was time for an upgrade. Therefore I got…you guessed it, a Sandisk Sansa Clip 4gb. Pretty happy with it so far, though only had it a couple weeks. The irony is that the Sansa Clip came with a new USB cable that’s compatible with the iAudio!

  2. TFB says

    USB cables are $1 a piece shipped if you buy on eBay. I would consider the Sansa Clip a serious downgrade from my iAudio G3. The G3 uses a regular AA battery. When I go on a week-long trip away from civilization, I just bring a spare battery. Any player that requires recharging won’t work. I really hope my iAudio G3 won’t die.

  3. TFB says

    This double-slash problem has bugged me enough that I took some time to look under the hood. It turns out it’s not Juice’s fault. Well, sort of.

    Juice uses the urllib2 module in Python 2.3 to download files from the podcast. Python 2.3 has a bug that makes it not handle the double slash well. The bug is fixed in Python, but not in the older 2.3 version used by Juice. Thanks to the open source community and the interpretive nature of Python, I was able to apply the fix to the older urllib2 module bundled in Juice.

    Now the Buckingham podcast downloads with one click in Juice.

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