Credit Scores After Canceling Oldest Credit Card

My mortgage lender sent me my credit scores. That’s the only time I look at them. Otherwise I don’t bother. I compared the latest scores with what I got from my last refi in February 2008.

Credit Bureau Model Feb. 2008 April 2009 Change
Equifax FACTA Beacon 5.0 803 794 -9
Experian Fair Isaac (Ver. 2) 780 796 +16
TransUnion FICO Classic (04) 797 784 -13
Average   793 791 -2

Two years after I canceled oldest credit card and lowered my total available credit limit by about 25%, my credit scores are still going strong. They changed very little since I looked at them a year ago.

The lender also sent me a combined credit report from all three credit bureaus. All the open accounts are reported correctly. There are no suspicious entries. The report also shows many more closed accounts. They are all marked as "account closed at consumer’s request."

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