$25 Coupon for Buying $150 Amazon Gift Card at Safeway

Safeway, Aloha Oregon

Supermarket chain Safeway did this promotion last year. It’s doing it again. If you buy $150 worth of “participating” gift cards on or before December 3, you get a $25-off coupon on a purchase of $50 or more.

Amazon is one of the participating gift cards. So buy $150 in Amazon gift cards first, get the coupon, and then fill your grocery cart. That way you use up the coupon in the same trip.

Safeway is also giving 4X fuel rewards on gift card purchases. $150 gift cards will get 600 reward points worth $0.60 off per gallon at Safeway gas stations. If you fill up 15 gallons, it’s worth another $9. In total you get $34 off your $150 Amazon gift card, on top of any credit card reward you get.

This deal is probably also offered at other grocery store chains owned by the same parent company: Vons, Pavilions, Randall’s, Tom Thumb, Dominick’s, and Carrs.

Happy Thanksgiving!

[Photo credit: Flickr user Chrishyson90]

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  1. Tim says

    Is there an official Safeway link for this ?

    I’m trying to see this in my Safeway website (california) but can’t see that offer.

  2. Accidental Retiree says

    The 4x gas rewards come and go; most of the time, I think they offer 2x.

    In our local Safeway, the signs in the store had the notation “take down 11/19,” yet they were still on display on the 25th. However, yesterday my husband checked and they’d been taken down.

  3. Hans says

    One warning: the $25 coupon is only good for 7 days. Found this out the hard way when I bought the card along w/ my Thanksgiving groceries. Also, the $50 purchase that the $25 will be credited against doesn’t count alcohol, milk, gift cards, etc.

    Suggestion: If you’re buying a bunch of groceries on the same trip, do the gift card purchase first as a separate transaction and then use the $25 towards the rest of your groceries.

  4. Mike says

    While you are there getting these, get a Safeway gift card for purchasing your gas so you don’t get charged 10 cents extra/gallon for using your credit card. (The Safeway gift card does not count toward the 150 special)


    Also you MUST put your club card in the pump reader before your Safeway gift card otherwise it won’t recognize it. I thought they caught on and stopped allowing gift cards to be used at the pump but I just forgot to put my club card in first.

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