Free E-Book: Unveiling the Retirement Myth by Jim Otar

Jim Otar is a financial planner in Canada. He wrote a book Unveiling the Retirement Myth on retirement income planning: how to make your retirement portfolio last as long as you do when you are living off your savings and investments in retirement.

The book has received all five-star reviews on Amazon. People on the Bogleheads and Early Retirement forums also liked it.

The print version costs $49.99 on Amazon. For a limited time, Jim Otar is offering a PDF version of this 525-page book for FREE on his website

When this book came out in 2009 I had to pay $6 for the download. Now it’s free. Download it. Read it. It’s worth it. Here’s the download link:

Free PDF E-Book: Unveiling the Retirement Myth

I heard the free download will be available until January 10. But why wait? Get it now before Jim changes his mind!

Please note the PDF has DRM protection. You won’t be able to print pages to paper. For a free or heavily discounted e-book, I think that limitation is very reasonable. If you don’t like reading on a computer screen, buy the print book.

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  1. RosebudCA says

    Thanks, tbf! Actually paid $49.99 for the hard copy from Amazon last year and it is very nice to have the updated version. I learned a lot from the book.

  2. Keen Observer says

    I downloaded the e-book but it doesn’t seem to be in my downloads folder and I can’t do “save as” to put it in my financial folder.

  3. Joe says

    Thanks for the tip. I skimmed it last night after reading the tip by fivecentnickel. Tough medicine – that provides a ray of hope. Like lifestyle changes, it will be hard to take the action to live in relatively relaxed comfort.

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