H&R Block At Home 2012 Deluxe + State $19.99

Have you filed your taxes yet? I haven’t. At the time I’m writing this now, Amazon is selling tax software H&R Block At Home 2012 Deluxe + State for $19.99. The Premium version, which supposedly includes more handholding, is less than $1 more at $20.63. You can get it as a CD shipped or as a download for PC or Mac.

I still think the H&R Block software, and especially the installed software, not online, gives the best value. It’s half price as the more popular TurboTax ($39.89 for Deluxe, $55.14 for Premier as of now). From my past experience, it works just as well as TurboTax.

With the installed software, you can prepare multiple returns or save multiple copies of your own returns and do what-if’s. You can easily go back to a previous year’s return. If you are so inclined, you can even sell the CD of a previous year’s program on Amazon or eBay if you are sure you don’t need it again.

Amazon changes prices often, sometimes multiple times a day. I set a price trigger with camelcamelcamel at $20 in January. Most of the time the price was around $24 for the Deluxe + State version. It dipped down to $17.99 only briefly in early March. If you like the $19.99 price, act fast.

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  1. Peter says


    I purchased H&R Block At Home 2012 Deluxe + State for $21.99 via Amazon in early January.

    Could you elaborate more on how camelcamelcamel works? Have you written an article about this?


    • Harry Sit says

      You set a price point. It will notify you when the price gets down to that level or below.

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