Last Chance for Bonus From Escape By Discover Card

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I wrote about the 2% rewards card Escape By Discover in the previous post 2% Cash Back Rewards Card: Escape By Discover vs Capital One Venture. A bonus of 1,000 miles/points per month for 25 months makes this 2% rewards card effectively fee-free for four years, and it offers many other good features including primary car rental insurance, trip delay and trip cancelation insurance, one-time use card numbers, and rewards-earning person-to-person payments.

I got a notice saying the bonus worth $250 over 25 months will go away effective November 1. As of now Discover’s website still shows the bonus. If you want this 2% rewards card, you should probably apply now before the bonus goes away.

[Update: Discover is still showing the bonus as of Nov. 2. Not sure whether Discovered changed its mind or the bonus will still be discontinued any time now.]

Four years is long enough for a 2% rewards card. The history of other 2% rewards cards makes me really doubt that my Priceline Visa will stay as a 2% rewards card for that long. Fidelity AmEx is still an option but because I already use an American Express card for gas and groceries, I don’t want another American Express card for everything else.

I applied for this Escape By Discover card to preserve my options.

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  1. says

    Dan – The PenFed card belongs to a different category. I wrote about it in Best Rewards Card for Grocery and Gas: American Express Blue Cash Preferred vs PenFed Platinum Rewards. The idea is that you use one card for gas and groceries and another card for everything else. This card is for everything else. I’m glad Discover is still offering the 1,000 bonus miles/points per month for 25 months as of now. If they decide to keep it after all, that would be even better.

  2. Dan says

    Harry – Oh, I see now. Just read the other post. I’ve had the Penfed Cash Rewards for years and they just reduce my balance every month by the 5%. I only use if for gas. I don’t mind using multiple cards to get a higher overall return. I label them with a Sharpie “Gas”, Groceries”, etc.

    I like to keep my eyes open for best new deals. After reading your post, we may just sign up for a 4th Discover card! As I doubt that they would let us convert one of our other ones for the new incentive.

    Great site! Thank you!

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