Links: Overdraft, ETF Conversion, Junk Mail and a Quiz

Here are some articles I found interesting this week:

Consumers Want Informed Choice on Overdraft Fees and Banking Options (pdf, via Payments News) – A survey from Center for Responsible Lending found that most consumers want debit card purchases declined if they would result in overdraft fees. Rather than begging the banks, there are better ways to do it. See my previous post How To Avoid Overdraft/NSF Fees. The interesting tidbit from the survey is that when the consumers were asked about what they’d prefer when their $5 purchase is about to trigger a $34 overdraft fee, 20%(!) of the people said they would rather pay the fee and continue with their purchase (Table 5 on page 4). When the purchase amount goes up to $40, even among people who have been stung with an overdraft fee recently, 25% of them would choose to pay the fee again.

Review of VEIEX to VWO ETF conversion at VBS (indexfundfan @ indextown) – IndexFundFan wrote in detail how to convert a Vanguard mutual fund to an ETF. If you are not familiar with ETF conversion, also read Should I convert VEIEX to VWO ETF? and Is it worthwhile to pay the ETF conversion fee? by the same author.

Stop All Junk Mail (The Sun’s Financial Diary) – Take you name off mailing lists. Save the environment and save those companies some money too.

The Feds financial quiz (Marketplace) – Test your financial IQ with the Federal Reserve’s personal financial literacy quiz. I aced all 31 questions. What about you?

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