Priceline Rewards Visa Review: 2% Cash Back On Everything Every Day, No Annual Fee

I have Priceline Rewards Visa. It’s a great card. The only thing I’m not sure of is how long it will stay at 2% cash back.

[Update: New applicants only get 1% cash back now. Existing cardholders are still getting 2% cash back. If you don’t already have this card, get the Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard®.]

I’ve had this card since June 2012. In terms of earning and redeeming cash back, it’s one of the simplest I’ve ever had. 2% cash back is on everything, every day. No annual fee. No dollar caps. No special categories (except 5% cash back on Priceline Name Your Price purchases, which I haven’t done yet). It’s a Visa, accepted everywhere.

Other cards typically post rewards when the statement cycle closes, and sometimes delayed by one month. This card posts rewards as soon as the purchase posts. The rewards are available to use right away. Here’s a screenshot from my account:

$1 spending earns 2 reward points. 1 point is worth $0.01. You redeem the reward points as a statement credit against recent purchases. Very simple: no gift cards, no check in the mail.

You pick a charge over $25 in the last 30 days. If you have enough reward points, you can redeem the points as a statement credit to cover that charge.

I can’t ask for a statement credit against the $8.41 charge from Netflix because it isn’t over $25. The other two are greyed out because I don’t have enough points yet after my recent redemption.

The points must cover a purchase in full. If I have 5,000 points, I would be able to get a $30.39 credit to offset the charge from The Home Depot, but not the $89.96 charge from Amazon.

I like Priceline Rewards Visa for its simplicity and wide acceptance. I only hope it will stay at 2% cash back forever. There is no indication it won’t but as we all know things change. As long as you understand all reward programs are subject to change at any time and you are willing to ride along while it’s going, it’s a great catch-all card. I use an American Express card for gas and groceries, this one for everything else.

I will keep using it as long as it stays at 2% cash back.

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  1. slug | says

    Nice review. I have all my bases covered between the Fidelity Investment Rewards AMEX, and US Bank’s Cash+ VISA, but this one is tempting.

  2. Maryanne says

    This says 2% Cash back but then outlines it as “Points” I don’t want points, I want the cash reducing my balance.

  3. Steve says

    What makes it a Priceline card? Only the Shatner picture and the 5% on a subset of Priceline purchases? Just curious.

  4. Harry says

    @Maryanne – I showed with screenshots from my own account how quickly you can turn points into cash reducing your balance. You still have to earn the points though. Spending $1,250 on the card will earn enough points for a $25 credit.

    @Steve – Shatner picture is optional. I chose the design without him. You earn more (5% vs 2%) on Name Your Price purchases. Your points are also worth more if you use them to offset a Priceline purchase. 1 point can be worth as much as 1.5 cents depending on the size of the Priceline purchase. I haven’t used Priceline in the last six months. So Priceline has not been a factor. To me, it’s just 2% cash back on everything every day.

    @tarnation – I added the link to the post about the American Express Blue Cash Preferred card for gas and groceries. For my spending on gas and groceries, it comes out to 3.8%.

  5. KD says

    Harry, is the 3.8% after accounting for the $75 annual fee? That is impressive! Or should I say you use your card a lot! 🙂

    • Harry says

      Yes after $75 fee. I’m calculating with $400/month on groceries, $300/month on gas for my household. $400 * 12 * 6% + $300 *12 * 3% – $75 = $321 in rewards. $321 / $8400 = 3.8%.

  6. TJ says

    So you can only rebate purchases from the last 30 days? That seems way too complicated and limited. Unless you make a lot of big purchases frequently.

    Fidelity Visa at 1.5%, which can be auto-deposited to your Fidelity account, seems like a better deal, in my opinion. Fidelity Amex even more so.

    Why aren’t you using Penfed for gas?

    • Harry says

      TJ – No it’s actually the opposite. You need smaller purchases in the $25-$35 range in the last 30 days in order to use your rewards as a statement credit to offset them. Because I use the card frequently, I never have trouble finding a purchase to redeem my rewards on.

      It’s not worth giving up 1/4 of the rewards just to get the automatic deposit. Fidelity AmEx would be OK but I want my catch-all card to be something else when I already use an AmEx for gas and groceries.

      At my spending level for gas, $300/month, carrying another card only for extra 2% on gas will give me $72 a year. I could. It just hasn’t been a large enough draw for me.

  7. Mitch says

    I have been looking for this information everywhere. Yours is the first place this is very well laid out and understandable. I have been looking closely at this card and it was very confusing to understand the way the reward benefits work – until I came across your site. Before today, I called customer service for this card and they could not explain it to me and said I will understand AFTER I apply. I am not going to apply for something until I fully understand how the product works! Thank you so much for your time creating this great information! I do not want the Fidelty 2% card because it is American Express based and can’t be used everywhere. The Venture Rewards 2% card has a $59 fee after the first year. This is the only one out there with everything I want, but had concerns about any gotchas. The biggest concern I had was not getting 2% on purchases under $25 which is not the case. You straighted out ALL the confusion! Now I see how it works when redeeming against purchases within the last 30 days. Since it is an advantage for me to use the card, I almost always use it. I would recommend carrying two cards like you to receive unlimited 5% cashback on gas purchases for example. Thanks again for the great deal of assistance your site provides. I haven’t seen anything else like it for the way this card works.

  8. thefinancebuffReader says

    Thanks for the heads up on the card.

    Two questions:
    – does the card offer online access to see your latest transactions?
    – does the card offer the opportunity to use a shop safe number (ie a separate but valid number good for preconfigured dollar amount and a preconfigured period of time, typically used to make online purchases)?

    Thanks in advance..

  9. Mitch says

    To answer the last question:
    – does the card offer online access to see your latest transactions?

    Yes it does for both current transactions and then again after the statement closing, you can redeem rewards.

    – does the card offer the opportunity to use a shop safe number (ie a separate but valid number good for preconfigured dollar amount and a preconfigured period of time, typically used to make online purchases)?

    No it doesn’t. I have only seen a a few other cards with that security feature.

  10. Ben says

    This card is great. 2% back on everything with no limit. There is a points system (1 point = $0.01), but points are only redeemable for account credits. I use this in conjunction with a few other cards, will save quite a bit getting 2% on large purchases that normally would only get me 1%. Plus a free 5000 points ($50) after your first billing cycle.

  11. Beau says

    I signed up, but unfortunately the terms must have changed since the original post:

    There’s potential for more than 1 point per $1, but purchases must be specific.

    $29 Annual Fee priceline rewards Visa credit card Cardmembers earn “Points” in the following amounts based upon the type of purchase transaction charged to the Account:
    (a) four (4) points per one dollar ($1) on “Name Your Own Price” transactions made online at
    (b) three (3) points per one dollar ($1) on all other transactions including all hotel and car rentals.
    (c) two (2) points per one dollar ($1) on the everyday spend category of the Choose Your Own Rewards* option
    (d) one (1) point per one dollar ($1) spent on all other transactions.

    No annual fee priceline rewards Visa credit card
    Cardmembers earn “Points” in the following amounts based upon the type of purchase transaction charged to the Account:
    (a) two (2) points per one dollar ($1) on transactions.
    (b) one (1) point per one dollar ($1) spent on all other transactions.

  12. Mitch says

    Beau to answer your question, terms and conditions did not change. You are reading terms and conditions that applies to a blanket of current and previous versions of the card offerings. You are specifically quoting page 1 of the terms and conditions of the Priceline Visa card with annual fee that is no longer offered as far as I know. has the current Priceline No Annual Fee Rewards Visa product. If you go to page 2 of the terms and conditions, it details the Priceline No Annual Fee Rewards Visa credit card. That is the current product offered to apply at 2% cashback on everything no restrictions as long as you cashback after reaching $25 or more in rewards.

  13. Beau says

    I was quoting page 1 & page 2. Both only say ‘other’ transactions are 1 for $1. I got the barclay link from my online account w/the card via Program Overview\Reward Program Terms and Conditions.

    I of course do like the link better though, especially it’s linked T&Cs: There they still list (b) 2 points per $1 spent on all other transactions.

    I should note that for purchases thus far with the card I have received 2 pts/$1. Thinking too good to be true and reading the barclay link, I thought the party was over. Let’s hope all’s well and just a false alarm (sorry if so).


  14. Mitch says

    Hi Beau what you saw on page 1 (continued to top of page 2) at is specifically referencing the Priceline Visa card “with” annual fee terms and conditions. That was a vastly different product at that time. If you have the Priceline Visa card with “no” annual fee, it is much more straight forward terms and conditions on middle of page 2 and is the same as the current product at with 2% no restrictions. The terms and conditions document you referenced have several versions, old and new, of the Priceline Visa product. For those of that you that can get it, the absolute best card out there today to use as a companion with this card for a one-two punch is the US Bank Cash+ rewards Visa card with no annual fee. The only thing is, you have to go into a US Bank branch to apply for it. 5% UNLIMITED cashback in two categories YOU CHOOSE each quarter and one extra category you choose as 2% cashback. You also get sent a bonus $25 Visa gift card for each $100 in cashback rewards that you receive! That makes it 25% more in cashback rewards. Best deal out there if you have access to apply at a branch. I think they want to be very selective on who gets it.

  15. Harry says

    Mitch – Unfortunately the 5% categories in US Bank 5/2/1 card aren’t just any categories. The good everyday spend categories — gas, groceries, drug stores — aren’t eligible choices for 5%. For those of us who value simplicity, this Priceline 2% reward for everything every day is still the best. You don’t have to remember which categories you chose this quarter or even have to choose them in the first place. The quarterly choices are really designed to downgrade you to 1% when you forget to choose or forget which categories you chose.

  16. Beau says

    As you can see above I included the terms of the no annual fee card (beneath the annual fee terms): see following heading and (b).

    No annual fee priceline rewards Visa credit card
    Cardmembers earn “Points” in the following amounts based upon the type of
    purchase transaction charged to the Account:
    (a) two (2) points per one dollar ($1) on transactions.
    (b) one (1) point per one dollar ($1) spent on all other transactions.

  17. Harry says

    Beau – The terms document linked in the account services website has been outdated like that ever since I signed up last year. They were terms for previous versions of this card. So don’t worry. They just haven’t updated the document or haven’t linked to the correct document. Of course that’s not to say terms won’t change. They can change the terms at any time but I’m sure we will get a notice if terms change.

  18. Mitch says

    Hi Beau and Harry (thanks Harry for this great site)!

    Beau: Sorry I missed that on page 2 I should have read it more carefully. Harry is right though and that link is outdated. The updated current terms and conditions for the current Priceline Visa Rewards product are found at the bottom of the card application at (link is called terms and conditions) or by going to this link it takes you to:
    This will validate everything with the 2% cashback correctly now.

    Harry: I have to disagree with you completely about the US Bank Cash+ Visa. I use several of the categories there regularly and I use it strictly to “supplement” the Priceline Visa card. I do not use the US Bank Cash+ Visa exclusively for the very reason you presented. I mentioned that I use it as a “companion” card as a “one-two punch” with the Priceline card as the primary card. I use the US Bank+ card exclusively for the categories it offers and the Priceline card for everything else. I easily average 3.5-4.5% combined accordingly and very easy to double the cashback I am already receiving from my Priceline Visa. The categories I selected for the US Bank Cash+ card this quarter is Hotels and Restaurants for the 5% categories and Grocery for the 2%. Those are very common categories for a lot of people and there are many other ones offered each quarter that are worthy to use. Since I also get an additional $25 in rewards for every $100 I accumulate, I use the US Bank card exclusively for these three categories! That means 6.25% cashback for the 5% categories and 2.5% for the 2% category. There is no limit to the rewards on both these cards (unlike Chase and their categories you can’t choose. Why not use both cards and use the Priceline Visa for everything else? You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

  19. Mitch says

    Also I forgot to address your concern Harry, about the US Bank+ card having 1% cashback if you forget to choose the quarterly categories. There really is no concern of this happening. It only happens if you don’t choose the rewards categories and US bank sends several reminder emails to ensure that does not happen. Heck for the amount of savings that card gets me on those categories, I can always set my calendar to remind me as well.

  20. Harry says

    Mitch – Ah, yes, as a companion, not a replacement for this card, the US Bank 5/2/1 card is great. I use the AmEx Blue Cash Preferred as the companion. It pays 6% on groceries (capped to $6k per year) and 3% on gas, with $75 annual fee. Choosing hotels and restaurants as 5% categories also makes it easy to remember as they are sort of related (when you travel you also eat out).

  21. Mitch says

    Thanks Harry. I looked at the Amex reward cards and they are all capped and have annual fee. Priceline and US Bank Cash+ used with each other are the highest unlimited no annual fee cashback reward cards out there.

  22. Mitch says

    Hi David,

    Barclays still has the same deal, but you have to go to the better site for the better offer! Actually they always had both offers, the one you described at 1% and the Barclays site I posted below at 2%. The 1% offer gets you a one time $100 bonus and the 2% offer gets you a one time $50 bonus. The 2% is still by far the better deal, as it is one of the only no annual fee 2% cards today. Please update the website you presented thanks.

    Here is the 2% site:

  23. thefinancebuffReader says

    Hi Harry,

    I am receiving email updates showing additional comments made on this thread, but when I come out to the website the comments are not there. For example, today (2013/6/27) I was alerted to comments made by ‘voyance’, but that comment is not posted here. The latest comment here is from April 2013.

    This is not a complaint or a request for action, just an alert that something may not be working on your website.

  24. Harry says

    When spam comments penetrate the spam filter, you get an email notification. By the time you come, I already deleted the spam comments.

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