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I mentioned in my Netflix vs. Blockbuster post that I don’t subscribe to cable TV. I use Netflix for entertainment and podcasts for keeping up with the news. Podcasts for radio programs are like TiVo for television or RSS feeds for blogs. You download the programs’ podcasts, load them onto a mp3 player, and listen to them whenever you want. I listen to them during commute.

You need a podcast receiving software. I use the free open source software Juice. Here are the podcasts I subscribe to:

Personal Finance: Marketplace Money by American Public Media. Weekly, 1-hour program on personal finance. Hosts also answer listener’s questions.

Business News: Marketplace by American Public Media. Monday to Friday, 30 minutes of business news .

World News: World Today Select by BBC. Monday to Friday, 15 minutes of world news.

Technology News: Digital Planet by BBC. Weekly, 30-minute news program on digital technology around the world.

News Quiz: Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me by NPR. Weekly, 1 hour of humorous news quiz with a liberal bias.

These programs keep me occupied during my commute. American Public Media, BBC and NPR all make high quality radio programs available as podcasts. Take a look at their list of programs and find what interest you:

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  1. Orthros says

    Liberal bias notwithstanding, I’ve always loved “Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me”.

    “Car Talk” is also amusing to have on as I do my Saturday chores.

  2. anon says

    For anyone wanting to understand the big picture and how to think like an economist, I highly recommend EconTalk (

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