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Starting next week, my weekly digest like this one will move to e-mail delivery only. I’m making this change because I want to populate the blog website with only full-featured articles. Regular articles will still be posted to the blog and included in the RSS feed.

Current e-mail subscribers will continue receiving both new blog articles and the digest. No action is required on your part.

If you are reading the blog articles in some other ways, I encourage you to switch over to e-mail subscription so you won’t miss the digest. If you prefer you can also sign up for just the digest.

Because I don’t post often, the digest posts make up 1/3 to 1/2 of the posts on the blog. Although readers like them, search engines only see them as a bunch of links with a short blurb and regard them as “low quality.” Too many “low quality” pages on a site and associated with my name negatively affect my standing. A lower standing means fewer people will be able to find even my good stuff.

Putting the digest through a different channel outside search engines’ purview is my compromise win-win. Readers still get the same content. I get to correct the search engines’ misperception of my site and me as the author.

Besides setting up the new e-mail service, I read these interesting articles this week:

The Great Debate: Save Money or Make Money? by Kali Hawlk at Your Personal Finance Pro

While most people will say both, if I must choose I’d choose make money, but not as in moonlighting or freelancing. Doing a job well will usually work much better. Read my story in about me.


Reader Study: Getting Rich in Manhattan… on $65k/year by MMM at Mr. Money Mustache

This article is actually a math quiz. Can you figure out what’s going on?


Social Security And Early Retirement at Go Curry Cracker

Getting less from Social Security is not a problem for someone retiring early and thus having worked fewer years. A lower average earning over 35 years means you get a better return for your Social Security taxes paid.


Evaluating Exposure To The Alternative Minimum Tax And Strategies To Reduce The AMT Bite by Michael Kitces at Nerd’s Eye View

By coincidence Michael Kitces and I posted about the AMT on the same day. Of course he goes into much more details, including visuals for the phaseout zones.


Tap Retirement Funds/Social Security at Wall Street Journal

Recorded webcast featuring blogger Mike Piper at Oblivious Investor and other guests. It goes with this article The Smart Way to Tap Investment Accounts in Retirement by Andrea Coombes.


The value of enduring advice by Fran Kinniry at Vanguard Blog for Advisors

Vanguard shows where a financial advisor can offer value to a client. If you do those things yourself, you can get most of the value too. For people who would rather outsource, it would be smart to use low-cost good-quality advice.


XY Planning Network and the Future of Getting Paid For Financial Planning by Michael Kitces at Nerd’s Eye View

The most value in having a financial advisor is the financial advice part, but most people who have an advisor are paying much more for the much less valuable asset management part (administrative chores). I’m glad to see this new venture co-founded by Michael Kitces focusing on the advice part. I wish it every success.


Does Asset Location Make Sense? by Rick Ferri at

If you’ve been reading my blog for some time, you know where I stand already. At low interest rates, it can make more sense to use taxable accounts for [muni] bonds. When rates go up, it would be easy to switch. Not so easy to switch if you have it the other way around.


Plan Administrator Due Diligence Safe Harbors Developed for Rollover Verifications (Rev. Rul. 2014-9) by CCH Group

Rolling over pre-tax money in traditional IRAs to an employer-sponsored plan is a pre-requisite for doing the backdoor Roth. Most plans already accept incoming rollovers from traditional IRAs. For those that still don’t, the IRS provided guidance to help ease their concerns. So hopefully even more plans will do.


Special CDs with Top Rates at Patriot FCU in Parts of PA and MD by Ken Tumin at

If you missed the 3% 5-year CD from PenFed in January here’s another chance but only if you are in certain parts of PA or MD.


Thank you for reading. Enjoy your weekend.

P.S. If you are not getting this by e-mail right now, remember to sign up for e-mail subscription: either everything or just the digest.

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  1. Steve@EscapeVelocity2020 says

    I liked your comment on MrMoneyMustache. I get frustrated when a ‘sensational’ headline gets me to read something misleading, and even more disappointed when so many commentors are ‘amazed’ by all of the genius in the article, even going so far as to quote: ‘Never question the individual details of anyone’s accomplishments’. :)

  2. BN says

    Also sad to see the weekly digest to away but will subscribe to it via email. Your short commentary on the articles is the best part

    • Harry Sit says

      Regular articles will still be posted to the blog and included in the RSS feed. Only the digest is going “underground” through the e-mail channel. I updated the first paragraph to make it clear for everyone.

  3. dan23 says

    Tried to comment on that MMM article a few days ago and he did not let it go through. While I like his blog, it annoys me that he frequently distorts facts either through misleading claims or outright falsehood when the true stories are actually interesting and consistent with the general points he is trying to prove. In that particular case gross vs net income by itself gets you to around 100K income in NYC. Rent subsidies have cash value. I beleive airbnb (which is only possible due to the rent subsidies anyway) is illegal in NYC and almost surely breaks the hospital/school agreement, so people who care about these things would not choose to earn money through it. Would not be surprised if they are failing to pay tax on that money as well.

    On a separate note – I really like the digest and do not subscribe to anything by e-mail. Don’t think you will change your mind, but here is a request to keep the digest on the blog.

    • Harry Sit says

      The ready answer is that you are just complainypants. :) “Never question the individual details of anyone’s accomplishments.”

      I respect your choice. I will add a paragraph to explain why I’m making this change.

  4. Tyler says

    I don’t subscribe to anything email either but made an exception here. I appreciate the content and will take it however provided. Keep up the good work!

  5. BN says

    Thanks for editing the opening and letting us know the reason for the change. Would be nice to always keep us readers updated with the the reasoning behind certain changes.

  6. B says

    The Social Security article prompted me to calculate how much my benefit would change if I stopped working this year (at 47), versus working to 62. I was surprised (and disappointed) to see that the extra 15 years only changes my benefit by about $200 per month.

    • TJ says

      Obviously if you can afford to stop working and live off your investments – and would rather be doing something else with your time – you should. You shouldn’t keep working just to increase SS benefits. ;-)

  7. Jeff says

    Would you consider putting the digest on your Google+ page? I follow you on that so I get in my feed when you have a new post… and I like the digest of articles too, but I hate email subscriptions. Just a thought…

    • Harry Sit says

      Jeff – I’m trying to become more personal on social media. I switched the Google+ link on the site from a page to a personal profile. I turned off the robotic updates from the RSS feed to the Google+ page. Please add my personal profile to a circle if you’d like. I’ll see how easy it is to copy and paste the whole email to an update. If I have to do each one individually I’m afraid it’s going to be a lot of extra work.

  8. Brian says

    Love the curated links and especially your pithy 2-3 sentence summaries of the articles. Definitely worth an email subscription (which I don’t normally do, but make an exception for TFB).

  9. Investor Junkie @ Larry Ludwig says


    I did this awhile ago. What I do is send out interesting articles via my social media channels during the week, and then have them summarized via a weekly Email. I no longer post on my site for the said reasons.

    Also check out to send out to multiple social media channels at once.

  10. serbeer says

    OK, I signed up for email digest only last week. This is Friday, and, as you promised, no blog version of digest on the website. But no email version of the digest received either. How come?

    • Harry Sit says

      The email went out today at about 8:05 am Eastern Time. The e-mail service I’m using shows it was delivered to you. Can you check the spam folder?

    • Harry Sit says

      I just re-sent it to you. The subject line is Rules of Thumb and Exceptions. Let me know if you get it this time.

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