Update for My Price Match Experience

This is an update to my price match post on Wednesday. A quick recap: A online store matches competitors’ prices but it requires that price match requests be made within 7 days. I goofed and I didn’t make my request until 15 days after I placed the order.

Most of the comments sided with the store and said I shouldn’t get the price match. Although I was hoping for more sympathy, I actually agree with the comments. The policy is clearly posted. If I couldn’t follow it, I can only blame myself. The higher price I paid was for convenient and reliable service. Reliable service is worth something.

What did this store do? They gave me the refund, no question asked. Now that’s what I call exceeding the customer’s expectation. In the world of gotcha’s, a business that under-promises and over-delivers should earn praise and loyalty from its customers. I know this store will have me as a customer for a long time.

The store is 1-800-CONTACTS. They sell contact lenses.

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  1. john (Nifty News & Decent Deals) says


    That explains that wild swing in prices, too. Contacts have huge markups. Glad it worked out for you.

  2. Pablo says

    In a way, I wish they didn’t give you the discount, after the fact. There’s little point in having a published policy which is easy to violate…

    You should have parlayed the savings to attend the DieHards event in San Diego (which starts Monday)…

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