Explore TIPS

I wrote the book Explore TIPS to help other retail investors understand a unique and important investment vehicle – the inflation indexed bonds called TIPS. Starting from the very basics, what TIPS are and how they work, the book guides you through

  • How to invest in TIPS through mutual funds and ETFs
  • How to buy individual TIPS directly from the U.S. Treasury
  • How to buy TIPS on the secondary market
  • TIPS strategies

See detailed Table of Contents in the free preview.

The book is available at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble. It qualifies for free shipping if you combine it with other items.


You can also buy the book in PDF format for only $7.95 directly from me. I accept major credit card or debit card and PayPal.

It’s just a regular PDF file, with no DRM in it. You can read the PDF on your computer, print selected pages to paper, or upload to an ebook reader. Not sure how it looks on your device? Try this free preview. It displays well on Kindle.

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