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The new Diehards in the Vanguard forum I wrote about two weeks ago was renamed to Bogleheads forum. It moved to the domain, which has been the more popular entry point for the old Morningstar forum. is the #1 spot on Google when you search for “Vanguard Diehards.”

They changed the forum’s name to Bogleheads to avoid Morningstar’s potential claim to the Vanguard Diehards name. The forum’s name really doesn’t matter. What matters is the community. Since I last wrote about it on Feb. 27, the forum has grown from 400 members, 1,800 posts to over 1,000 members, 6,200 posts. That’s phenomenal growth in just two weeks. How exciting! Once people see the light of freedom and community ownership, they flock to it.

Most of the prominent members of the old Vanguard Diehards forum have joined the new forum, including book authors Taylor Larimore, Mel Lindauer, Michael LeBoeuf, Larry Swedroe, and Rick Ferri. They sometimes still post on the old forum. I suspect over time they will post more and more on the new forum because that’s where the growth is. Many members of the new forum never posted on the old forum because they objected to Morningstar’s $5 charge on posting privilege. They joined the new forum and became active participants instead of lurkers on the sideline.

All kinds of personal finance and investing questions are being discussed on the new Bogleheads forum. Experienced and new members are exchanging ideas with and helping each other. It really is the best investment forum on the Internet. Let the Bogleheads community thrive!

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  1. Duane Sharp says

    Dear Sirs,

    I just finished reading your excellent book, Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing.

    I am going to get a book for each of my three children and one grandchild graduating from high school this spring.

    I am also going to bring up this book as a “must read” to a book club that I belong to.

    I am a long time satisfied investor in Vanguard Funds and feel very comfortable with the values of John Bogle

    Since this book was written in 2007
    and we had the economic tsunami of 2008,
    and the Obamacare passing reform for health care in 2010,
    and the Bush tax cuts expiring in 2010,
    I would sure like to see a revised version of this book come out in 2011.

    Also in light of these recent economic related changes I
    would like to see some discussion on our national debt.

    Thank you in advance for your comments

    Duane Sharp

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