Magazines At 50-70% Off: The Atlantic, The Economist, Bloomberg Businessweek, Wall Street Journal

In this Internet age, do you still read print newspapers and magazines? I do. I find them easier on the eyes.

If you are like me, see if you can get your favorite newspapers or magazines on the cheap by using airline frequent flyer miles. Some airlines still expire miles if you have no activity for 18 months. Redeeming some miles will protect your accumulated miles. I usually check my airline miles accounts once a year to see if they are about to expire.

I just checked. The savings on some of the business and news related magazines are quite substantial if you use miles.

Here’s a short list from the programs of American Airlines and Delta Air Lines, which are run by the same service provider I value my frequent flyer miles at 2 cents per mile. All prices are for a one-year subscription. I got the regular prices from either Amazon or the magazine’s own website, whichever is lower.

Magazine Price with Miles
(1 mile = $0.02)
Regular Price Savings
The Atlantic 400 miles = $8 $24.50 67%
Bloomberg Businessweek 300 miles + $2 = $8 $29.99 73%
Time 300 miles + $2 = $8 $30.00 73%
Newsweek 300 miles + $2 = $8 $39.00 79%
The Economist 3,200 miles = $64 $127.00 50%
Wall Street Journal 3,200 miles = $64 $119.00 46%

Previously I subscribed to Financial Times one year and The Wall Street Journal in another year. I switched to the weekly Bloomberg Businessweek because I couldn’t keep up with the flood of daily papers. In addition, because they throw newspapers onto my driveway, I had to ask them to stop if I’m going away on vacation. Now the magazines just come in the mail. The mail carrier puts them in a slot going into my garage.

This year I’m starting a subscription to The Atlantic. It’s a monthly with long feature stories covering a number of topics. It also looks like it’s slightly out of the mainstream (not as widely circulated as Time or Newsweek). I like that. For $8 worth of airline miles, I’m willing to give it a try. It’s a lot cheaper than The Economist but it also comes out a lot less frequently (10 issues a year versus 51 issues a year).

Do you read The Atlantic? If so, do you like it? Where would you say it stands in the political spectrum: liberal, moderate, or conservative?

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  1. Hedgy says

    The Atlantic is a great magazine for long form journalism, reporting, opinion pieces, culture, etc. It’s similar to the New Yorker but perhaps broader based. Their writers are excellent. I suppose it leans conservative but it doesn’t take an institutional editorial stance. Enjoy!

  2. dd says

    I’ve found trying to redeem my miles very frustrating, especially if only one ticket in a group is being mile redeemed. The magazine choice works so much better and it is fun to try out different magazines.

  3. Moneycone says

    I signed up for Forbes, WSJ and Bloomberg Businessweek all for free! I know what you mean when you say you are overwhelmed with magazines! I have the exact same problem with WSJ! I thought the free subscription was for a limited time – looks like it is never ending! 🙂

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