Mortgage Refinance and Resetting the Clock

Today’s installment on mortgage refinance appears as a guest post on My Money Blog. The conclusion:

"Don’t let the fear for resetting the clock stop you from refinancing to a lower rate."

I’ve been reading My Money Blog since 2006. It offers a good combination of deals and practical approaches to personal finance. If you like my blog, chances are you will also like My Money Blog.

Refinance Your Mortgage

Mortgage rates hit new lows. I saw rates as low as 3.25% for 30-year fixed, 2.625% for 15-year fixed, with no points and low closing cost. Let banks compete for your loan. Get up to 5 offers at

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  1. Frankie says

    Hey great post over at MMB. I’m looking at our blog on how to get the $200 re-fi. When I go through Indiana Internet Bank I get closer to $650 in fees. This is for a $400K loan so maybe that is the difference?

  2. Harry Sit says

    Frankie – I replied on the My Money Blog guest post. It’ll come out of moderation shortly. I’m going to close this post for comments so we don’t divide the conversations in two places. Please feel free to comment on my other posts though.