Opt Out of Credit Card Convenience Checks

It’s getting close to the holiday shopping season. I have received several convenience checks from my credit cards. These convenience checks are usually treated as cash advance which carries a fee. They also make the grace period on purchases disappear. I usually just shred them.

I called my credit card company about something else yesterday. While I had the agent on the line, I asked her if they can stop sending me those checks because I will never use them. To my surprise, she said yes. They don’t advertise it but they do have an opt-out list. They can exclude you from the convenience checks mailings only if you ask. Perhaps not all credit card companies have a list like that, but if you hate those convenience checks like I do, it’s worth a phone call.

For the record, the company I called is FIA Card Services. If you have success doing the same with your credit card company, please put the name of the company in the comments. We will make a list of companies which allow opting out of convenient checks mailings.

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  1. Pinyo says

    I also did this after I read it on a blog. Not only are we killing trees, I think it’s also an Achilles’ heel for identity theft.

  2. MoneyMan says

    Wow I never thought about that. I’m going to call all of my credit card companies. Thanks, this will probably cut my paper recycling by about a ton every year. Heh!

  3. Anonymous says

    Capital one told me that they could stop them at my request and they did cut down. But they do still send some. We have more than one card from them, so even though I told the customer service person that bit of info, they may have missed the other card.

  4. SanDance says

    In addition to Convenience Checks (which I shred immediately) CapitalOne also regularly mails me Purchase Checks, which have no transaction fee and are treated just like purchases. So, on the first day of my billing cycle I deposit one into my High Yield Checking account, and repay it on the due date about 2 months later and keep the free interest. Great for a card I probably would not use otherwise.

  5. Deborah Oda says

    My sister and myself have Capital One CC, and receive the conv. cks. She is sure her mail was tampered with as the envelope containing the checks was opened. Now she’s worried about credit card fraud.

  6. m1penner says

    I just contacted Chase, the phone number was on the back of the card and opted out. They said it would take 90 days.

  7. anonymous says

    L.L.Bean Visa Card issued by Barclays Bank Delaware will opt out of convenience checks upon request at phone number on bill.

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