Vanguard Solo 401k Illegally Refuses Incoming Rollover From IRA?

Speaking of solo 401k, I heard that Vanguard recently asked all its solo 401k plan customers to "amend and restate" their plan with a new package of documents. This is not unusual. Laws and regulations change. Plans are required to adopt the changes in order to stay compliant. After patching one amendment after another, amending and restating incorporates everything into one clean set of documents. I looked at the new document in Vanguard's Individual 401(k) New Plan Kit. It appears to me [...]

Solo 401k CP 214 Notice: Much Ado About Nothing

Whenever I get a letter from the IRS, my heart rate goes up. I'm afraid they are telling me something I don't want to hear. The latest letter from the IRS is quite strange. It's about my solo 401k plan. For more background on solo 401k, see Solo 401k [...]

2015 Social Security Wage Base

The government released inflation numbers for September 2014. The numbers confirmed my calculation for 2015 Social Security COLA (1.7%) and 2015 401k/403b/457 plan and IRA contribution limits ($18,000, $5,500). Of course you didn't have to wait if [...]

Rebalancing: Sell High, Buy Higher

Rebalancing is considered a key element of buy-and-hold, to the point that buy-and-hold has become a shorthand for buy, hold, and rebalance. Investment advisor Rick Ferri made this clear in his interview with Morningstar: Buy, Hold, and Rebalance [...]

2015 Social Security COLA

[Updated on October 22, 2014. New CPI number confirmed the 1.7% COLA projected here a month ago.] The official announcement for September 2014 CPI came in. This made is possible to calculate Social Security COLA for 2015. Inflation was still [...]