Elfcu HSA Still The Best Despite New Wire Transfer Fee

In previous articles I said Eli Lilly Federal Credit Union (Elfcu) offered the best HSA for investing HSA money. I moved my HSA there. I documented the setup process in details in Setting Up HSA at Eli Lilly Federal Credit Union. New Wire Transfer Fee Reader John brought to my attention that Elfcu started a new wire transfer fee for transfers from the savings account to TD Ameritrade for investing. I logged into my account and lo-and-behold I see a fee change notice in the message center, which [...]

Internet Retirement Police Rule Book

The more I think about retirement, the more I realize it's a very loose concept. You hear in the media how many Americans can't afford to retire. If retirement itself isn't very well defined, what exactly does it mean by saying someone can or can't [...]

Find A Financial Advisor Outside Your Local Area

While looking for a feature photo for my articles on using a financial advisor, I only found ones like this: The pictures show either a couple sitting across the table at the advisor's office or the advisor coming to their home. The common phrase [...]

Save Money Or Make Money

Starting next week, my weekly digest like this one will move to e-mail delivery only. I'm making this change because I want to populate the blog website with only full-featured articles. Regular articles will still be posted to the blog and included [...]

2013 and 2014 AMT Tax Brackets

Up to the end of 2012, there had been news articles every year saying if Congress didn't act how many millions of taxpayers would be caught by the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). Every year, Congress came to the rescue with a patch, saving those [...]

Vanguard Financial Plan Review: (4) Worth It?

This posts concludes my series on the Vanguard financial plan. See previous posts for details about the questionnaire, the written plan, and the consultation. I think it was a good checkup. The recommended portfolio allocation was sound. It [...]

When To Claim Social Security Calculators

Social Security is so complex that a cottage industry has emerged to help figure out when to claim Social Security. Software companies sell their Social Security optimization tools to financial advisors for several hundred dollars a year. Guess where [...]

Vanguard Financial Plan Review: (3) The Consultation

I prepared a list of questions after I reviewed the financial plan from the Vanguard advisor. She called me at the appointment time, on time. She also set up a web video conference so that I could see her. According to disclosure documents, the [...]

File Your Taxes: Accountant, Software, Or Online?

How do you prepare and file your taxes? Do you pay a person, install software on your computer, or do you do it online? Tax Preparer If you use software, either installed on your own computer or online, you are actually in the minority. IRS [...]