1. Andy Hough says

    That card sounds like a good deal for those who don’t have a checking account or have a problem with overdrafts. It is funny that some people think “rewards cards” are bad because they take advantage of those who overspend on their credit cards but they don’t have a problem with free checking accounts that are free mainly because of the money the bank makes from overdraft charges.

  2. anie says

    I think that you would be charged a fee for adding to your account from another checking/bank account. The direct deposit fee avoidance works only for employers. Which I could look to myself to be, I suppose, but not for many.

    Wondering if this would be a good account to link to Paypal for payment purposes, to better protect more fully funded bank accounts from being connected to online shopping?

  3. Harry says

    anie – Bluebird fee schedule specifically says “Add Funds: From a Checking/Savings Account $0.” Having direct deposit waives the ATM fee at MoneyPass ATMs. If you don’t use ATMs, it doesn’t affect you anyway. I suspect ACH debits are blocked on this. So you can’t use it as a bank account in PayPal for online shopping.

  4. edmund samph says

    I would like to see a no fee bank where I can deposit my payroll checks without being charged a 5$ fee such as Bank of America! I have bluebird account but Walmart with not cash a payroll check. They only take cash for deposit to bluebird accounts. My employer wrote a paycheck to me his employee on Bank of America account but when I tried to cash it they still wanted to charge me a 5$ fee because I do not have an account with them (it costs to much they nickel and dime you everytime you turn around or claim that you do not have a min deposit such as 1500$ in your account.Who can afford their ridiculous fees? Can blue bird set up some kind of agreement with local banks so that I do not get screwed out of my 5$ everytime I try to deposit a check the bankers are truly modern day highway robbers or theives!

    • Harry Sit says

      If your employer offers direct deposit you can sign up with the routing number and account number from Bluebird. If not you can get the free Bluebird mobile app and deposit by taking a picture of the check.

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