1. Andy Hough says

    That card sounds like a good deal for those who don’t have a checking account or have a problem with overdrafts. It is funny that some people think “rewards cards” are bad because they take advantage of those who overspend on their credit cards but they don’t have a problem with free checking accounts that are free mainly because of the money the bank makes from overdraft charges.

  2. anie says

    I think that you would be charged a fee for adding to your account from another checking/bank account. The direct deposit fee avoidance works only for employers. Which I could look to myself to be, I suppose, but not for many.

    Wondering if this would be a good account to link to Paypal for payment purposes, to better protect more fully funded bank accounts from being connected to online shopping?

  3. Harry says

    anie – Bluebird fee schedule specifically says “Add Funds: From a Checking/Savings Account $0.” Having direct deposit waives the ATM fee at MoneyPass ATMs. If you don’t use ATMs, it doesn’t affect you anyway. I suspect ACH debits are blocked on this. So you can’t use it as a bank account in PayPal for online shopping.

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