1. Ryan says

    I’ve heard that deposits can be made to Alliant using U.S. Bank’s ATMs. However, I am confused about what to put on the deposit envelope. Did the ATM that you used require an envelope?

  2. Harry Sit says

    Maggie – Alliant’s ATM locator page has a checkbox for “Deposit Taking ATMs.” The deposit taking ATMs around me belong to the CO-OP network, Alliance One, and U.S. Bank. When I plug in a random zip code, I see some Allpoint ATMs also take deposits.

    Ryan – Yes, U.S. Bank is a sponsor of MoneyPass ATM network, which Alliant also uses. If the ATM requires an envelope, I don’t put anything on the envelope. It isn’t necessary to use a deposit slip either. It knows where to deposit by the ATM/debit card number. I’ve used U.S. Bank’s ATMs to make deposits to Alliant CU account. No problem, but it has to be a U.S. Bank branch based ATM; the ones you see in airports or retail locations don’t work even though they say U.S. Bank.

  3. William says

    Everbank allows online deposit using a scanner and your own computer. Further, they pay higher interest than any of the other banks mentioned in your article. I have used their online services for years. They guarantee a rate within 5% of the top rate in the country for money market and checking account. No fees. They reimburse all ATM fees. Why drive to an ATM machine to make a deposit. Use your scanner at home.

  4. William says

    Oops, Sorry! I never deposit cash, and so I was thinking only about checks. Oh well. I live in a cashless world I guess.

  5. David C says

    TFB, do you have an alternative way to obtain Medallion signatures and some of the other things a brick and mortar are good for? Are you able to get those through Alliant’s shared branching network?

    Don’t get me wrong… since you left Wells Trade for TD Ameritrade it made sense to close the WF checking… just wondering about the “other” kinds of stuff brick and mortars are good for :-). I’m also not sure why I didn’t catch the fact that you closed the checking account back in your April 11th post… but you are talking to the guy who couldn’t find his 401k fee disclosure ;-).

  6. Harry Sit says

    David C – Transferring account from Wells Fargo to TD Ameritrade didn’t need a medallion signature. If I ever need one, I’m sure the local Fidelity or TD Ameritrade office will provide one, even if the very same form will transfer assets away from them. I never had a safe deposit even when I had the Wells Fargo account. I don’t think I will need one.

    Alliant isn’t part of shared branching because it’s too expensive. I heard it costs the home credit union something like $3 per transaction.

    I could’ve left the minimum amount necessary to keep the accounts open and fee-free, but it was too much hassle. I paid Wells Fargo $95 in order to close the accounts I don’t need.

  7. David C says

    @TFB (“Harry Sit”)
    There is craig10x’s post (

    [Alliant] [is] “unofficially” on the Cu shared service network…in other words, apparently they are but they try to keep it “hush hush” because of the high expense of those transactions…best thing to do
    is try it in your closest Cu shared location…and if it works then great but whatever you do…don’t ask Alliant DIRECTLY about it…

    FYI that seems to be backed up by a quick search at (as of September 11, 2012 “Alliant CU” comes up in the search results). Shhhh… keep it a secret ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. David C says

    …and for what it is worth I interpret Alliant’s status on the website to mean that 1) they are in the network (you can find them under the “Does my CU Participate?” link) but 2) they do not accept guest (other) CU users at their branch locations (a sampling of several Alliant branches including in Chicago and Houston do not show up in the Branch Locator)

    The second point obviously wouldn’t impact an Alliant customer. Anyway I could easily be wrong… no warranties on this info :-).

  9. Harry Sit says

    David C – Thank you for the info. I heard they only participate in Hawaii. Being a member owner, I would respect its wishes to keep the cost low.

  10. Roger S says

    You state that USAA does not accept money orders thru the UPS Stores. Wrong – I do that all the time and there never is a hold of more than 30 minutes for the money orders (unless I deposit a large sum of $$$). Also, for those fortunate to live where “Check City” does business (I’m in Las Vegas), you can get all the Western Union m.o.’s you want for NO fee… no other transaction required!

  11. Roger S says

    PS: Your link to USAA’s faq is correct: They do NOT accept mo’s via the @Home mobile scanning APP, but they DO accept them at the UPS Stores.

  12. Harry says

    Roger S – Thank you for the info on depositing money orders to USAA at UPS stores. Perhaps USAA should update their FAQs for Easy Deposit.

    “What types of checks can I deposit using USAA Easy Deposit?”

    “You can deposit endorsed checks from U.S. financial institutions. The following check types cannot be deposited:

    Cashiers check
    Money order
    Foreign check
    Savings bond
    Traveler’s check”

  13. Jim says

    I’ve been depositing checks, money orders, and bank drafts to my USAA accounts using the neighborhood UPS store for over six months now.

    • ikomrad says

      Jim – and this matters why? The article is about depositing cash into an online bank. If you are depositing cash using an ATM, please provide details.

  14. Matt Rattan says

    Can someone advise me as to what ATM I use to make a deposit to ALLY bank? Does Allpoint work? Need to deposit cash to Ally, and want to use an ATM

    • Harry says

      As far as I know, Ally Bank doesn’t have this feature. Call or chat with Ally customer service to confirm.

    • Donna Pordel says

      Thanks Harry for answering Matt, (I was wondering this too) but I thought Ally did accept ATM deposits, from the quote in your article:

      “Among all the major online banks โ€” Ally, Capital One 360, USAA, Fidelity, Schwab โ€” Alliant Credit Union solves this depositing problem most elegantly. ”

      I saw Ally’s name in that quote…

    • Harry says

      Solving the cash deposit problem doesn’t necessarily mean accepting ATM deposits. You solve it with Ally and the other names mentioned by getting a Bluebird account and depositing cash at Walmart.

  15. Tony Hellmore says

    I was hoping to find out more on making a deposit to Ally too. That Bluebird charges you, read the fine print. Don’t want that. Making a deposit at an ATM is what I want

    • Harry says

      Ally’s FAQ says you can’t deposit cash directly to Ally.

      “Can I deposit cash?
      Sorry, but we donโ€™t accept cash deposits.”

      The fine print for Bluebird says there is no fee for depositing cash at Walmart. As long as you don’t use ATM to take cash out of Bluebird (why would you if you are trying to deposit cash?), there is no fee. Where do you see that Bluebird charges you?

  16. Adam says

    Just found this out the hard way when I called Schwab. I was told I could deposit a money order on the app but have not done this yet.

  17. Mario says

    The problem with Ally and most online banks is converting that cash to a check so you can deposit it. I’m sure everyone here knows a family member or someone who has a brick and mortar bank checking account. Just give them the cash and ask them to write you a check. Doesn’t cost a dime. Then you can deposit that check with your smartphone app. These days there isn’t a lot of need to be depositing cash constantly. But if you do, then maybe you shouldn’t have an online bank account.

  18. mdades says

    how do I deposit cash into a bank account if I cannot do it in person?

    i’m stuck in hospital
    long-term, and I thought
    I might try one of the
    legal bicycle messenger
    services, if I can find one
    that is bonded/insured
    to carry cash. but I cannot
    seem to find one in
    san francisco through an
    internet search. also, i’m
    not quite sure of the best
    physical way is to handle
    this. ask the bank (b of a
    or wells fargo) to send
    me a locking depost bag,
    put the money in it with
    an official deposit slip
    from my check book, and
    have the messager put
    it in a slot at the bank? or
    hand it to teller and get a
    receipt? and how do I
    prove what was in the
    bag for the insurance to
    be good? show it to the
    messanger and get a
    receipt from them?

  19. Tina F. says

    FYI, currently, there no Capital One 360 ATMโ€™s in my area taking cash deposits. This has just been verified by one of the CSRโ€™S I spoke with at Capital One 360. I reside in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area in Florida. Hope this is helpful, and that it changes soon ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Julie Terrell says

      I just went through the exercise today of trying to find an ATM or any other Capital One location that would accept cash in FL. There are none. I did ask that they get something in FL….there are some 360 Cafe locations sprinkled around the US but again nothing in FL

  20. Sam Seattle says

    Wow, never knew that I could SAFELY deposit cash into an ATM machine. Great info! Thanks so much, Harry.

  21. Dan says

    Anyone had any luck trying this with fidelity cash management account I went to nearest alliant deposit cash/check atm’s I have near by here in Los Angeles. After I did the prompts at the atm to deposit cash I got a “transaction did not recognize request
    error” message twice with my fidelity atm card. Still looking for an atm that accepts CASH since I receive tips from my night job need this cash saved.

    • Harry Sit says

      You need an Alliant Credit Union account and you use the Alliant Credit Union debit card to deposit the cash to the Alliant Credit Union account. You can join Alliant Credit Union free if you are a PTA member or you can make a one-time $10 donation to a supported charity.

  22. Patrick says

    Thanks for your article.
    I moved to Europe and I have 2 questions:
    -I don’t have Alliant Credit Union account yet. Once I opened it, should i wait to receive the credit card to deposit cash or can I deposit the cash only using the account number?
    Because I expected someone to deposit the cash for me. He doesn’t have local, brick-and-mortar bank account.
    -Then can I transfer the money from my Alliant Credit Union account to my new European account?

    • Harry Sit says

      Patrick – If you are having someone else deposit cash to your account, you are better off doing it through a bank or credit union with a physical branch near that person. That person can then deposit by using only your account number at that bank or credit union. That person doesn’t need an account himself.

  23. AT says

    Welcome to Ally’s Live Chat. Thanks for joining us! A Customer Care Associate will be with you in a moment. You are number 1 in the queue. Thank you for waiting.
    You are now chatting with ‘Bank’s representative’
    AT: Hi Bank’s representative
    Bank’s representative: Thank you for chatting with me today. How can I help you?
    Bank’s representative: Hi AT, how are you tonight?
    AT: Just wondering, I am going to open my first checking account with Ally
    AT: am good, thanks
    Bank’s representative: Great!
    AT: I just migrated to US and don’t have any account in US yet
    AT: I wonder can I make first deposit by cash?
    AT: to open an account
    Bank’s representative: We do not accept cash.
    Bank’s representative: Here are the requirements for opening an account with Ally:
    Bank’s representative: Must be a US Citizen or legal Permanent Resident.
    Must have a U.S. street address (not just a P.O. Box).
    Must be at least 18 years of age.
    Must have a Social Security Number (SSN) or a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).
    AT: I have met all those requirements
    AT: I have been reading above article
    Bank’s representative: Great!
    AT: not sure that applicable with Ally
    AT: basically, it said I can make first deposit via cash deposit on ATM machine
    Bank’s representative: I have no access to Internet for security reasons.
    Bank’s representative: Ally owns no machines, so that is not possible.
    AT: okay got it
    Bank’s representative: 4 WAYS TO DEPOSIT FUNDS

    We offer four easy ways to deposit funds into an Ally account. The most common way is by electronic, or Automated Clearing House (ACH), transfers from a linked external account. This link is set up by using the routing and account numbers. You can also make a deposit by mailing in a money order or check, scanning a check from home and uploading it using our eCheck service, or wiring funds from an external bank. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept cash for deposit.
    Bank’s representative: Is there anything else I can assist you with tonight?
    AT: that’s all I have my answer that it is not possible to deposit the cash as per article mentioned
    AT: thanks

  24. Bironology says

    Sorry pals, but clearly you still need to maintain the obligatory local brick n’ morter account. I use Ally primarily because they are reputable, reliable, and have the best APY for a no-min savings account – a no brainer, really. ACH transactions work well, online experience good, mobile app is great, and deposit of checks with mobile app is a breeze. No complaints.

    But, when I have cash to deposit, I don’t feel comfortable sticking large sums of cash into a machine, even if Ally supported this. I’m not talking about $100 deposit here – if its $100 it stays in my wallet. There are (rare) occasions when you have large sums of cash to deposit, such as kids birthdays, wedding gifts, baby showers, etc. Once the bill acceptor takes it from your hand, that’s it! If the transaction processing goes awry, you are cashless and have no recourse, so there’s NO WAY I’m putting a 4 or 5 digit sum of cash into a metal box and trusting the software, hardware, and network connection to work correctly.

    For this reason I maintain a savings account at a local credit union which has very pretty and friendly tellers that I am perfectly happy interacting with as human beings and brokering the exchange of my precious and irreplaceable cash into their institution.

    2 minutes later in the car I schedule the ACH transaction with Ally’s mobile app. Done, mischief managed.

    Don’t overthink it.

  25. Erik 111 says

    2016 update- Whatever brick and mortar you chose– Do NOT chose Chase bank!

    Done with Chase! Bunch of Idiots! They suck big time, and then they force me to connect each time to the Philippines (where their customer service is) and try to explain retarded slow brainless reps in that stupid country how we do bsns in US… Now, why if I choose to live in the US of A, do I need to conduct my bsns with 3rd world countries and brainless bozos (such as, and in particular, the Philippines)??? Every time I make an online transaction (say, an online transaction from Chase to my internet bank; and this is how me, you, everybody, should handle our financials) I get a call from a Philippine brainless bozo in his cubicle who does not understand my verification (yes I made this transaction!) and blocks my account, then I need to spend another half day with other brainless bozos (in the Philippines for sure!) to gain back the access. Done with Chase! Give me America back!

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