I’m Refinancing My Mortgage

Among the stock market chaos, the bond market had a rally, which brought down the mortgage rates. I’m refinancing my mortgage. I already locked my rate but I don’t have time to write it up as a detailed blog post yet. If you think you might also benefit from a mortgage refi, you can read these threads on the Bogleheads forum:

Refinance Your Mortgage

Mortgage rates hit new lows. I saw rates as low as 3.25% for 30-year fixed, 2.625% for 15-year fixed, with no points and low closing cost. Let banks compete for your loan. Get up to 5 offers at LendingTree.com.


  1. Anonymous says

    If you don’t mind me asking, did your rate decrease by at least 100 basis points?

    I am thinking about a re-fi, but, I’m not sure that it makes sense. I have to get busy with Excel.

  2. Harry Sit says

    No, it did not decrease by at least 100 basis points. It decreased only 25 basis points. But because I’m doing a “no closing cost” refi, as long as the rate is lower than what I’m currently paying, I have nothing to lose. See the linked Bogleheads forum threads for more details.

    Yesterday was a good day for locking in a low rate. The rate jumped up 0.50% today. If we have another bad day on the stock market, the rate may drop again. So watch the rate closely.

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