Schwab Intelligent Portfolios: Game Over For Betterment and Wealthfront?

Reuters broke the news a few weeks ago that Charles Schwab was going to unveil a free online investment advisory service within weeks. Now it's official. Charles Schwab announced it in a press release on Tuesday. It's called Schwab Intelligent Portfolios. Like the other so-called robo-advisors such as Betterment and Wealthfront, Schwab's computer algorithm is going to suggest and manage a portfolio of ETFs for you. The minimum is only $5,000. You can have IRA and taxable accounts. You can [...]

2015 Social Security Wage Base

The government released inflation numbers for September 2014. The numbers confirmed my calculation for 2015 Social Security COLA (1.7%) and 2015 401k/403b/457 plan and IRA contribution limits ($18,000, $5,500). Of course you didn't have to wait if [...]

Rebalancing: Sell High, Buy Higher

Rebalancing is considered a key element of buy-and-hold, to the point that buy-and-hold has become a shorthand for buy, hold, and rebalance. Investment advisor Rick Ferri made this clear in his interview with Morningstar: Buy, Hold, and Rebalance [...]

2015 Social Security COLA

[Updated on October 22, 2014. New CPI number confirmed the 1.7% COLA projected here a month ago.] The official announcement for September 2014 CPI came in. This made is possible to calculateĀ Social Security COLA for 2015. Inflation was still [...]

Retiring Early: Effect On Social Security Benefits

Social Security has a flat 6.2% tax rate, up to the maximum wages covered by Social Security ($117k in 2014). Social Security benefits bear some positive relationship with your covered wages and the amount of taxes you paid on those wages. The higher [...]

2015 401k 403b IRA Contribution Limits

[Updated on October 22, 2014. New CPI number confirmed projections made here two months ago.] The government released the Consumer Price Index for SeptemberĀ 2014. Inflation is higher this year but still low by historical standard. The new [...]