HSA While On Medicare

After reading my article HSA Contribution Limit For Two Plans Or Mid-Year Changes, a reader emailed me asking: Cut through the gibberish. Can you have an HSA if you are on Medicare? Partly because I was busy at the time, partly because I was a bit [...]

Make Shared Branching Service Unnecessary

Credit unions typically have a limited number of branches in a local area. If you are away from your credit union's service area, some credit unions participate in a service that gives you access to banking services at other participating credit [...]

Chubb Auto Insurance Claim Handling Experience Review

You pay auto insurance premium for years on end but it's very difficult to know how the insurance company will honor its end of the bargain when you have a claim. If you just go by your own experience, you will have very few data points to draw any [...]

HSA Contribution Limit For Two Plans Or Mid-Year Changes

We all know that to be able to contribute to an HSA you need to have an HSA-eligible high deductible health plan (HDHP) and no other coverage. The HSA contribution limit looks quite straight-forward at first glance. There's one limit for individual [...]

Low Prices On Household Products At Jet.com

A new online shopping site Jet.com is challenging Amazon and Walmart. I see its model as a mix between Amazon and Costco. Like Amazon, it's all online. Like Costco, it focuses more on household products (see above image from its home page), but it [...]

What To Do After Tax Loss Harvesting

When you harvest a tax loss, you sell fund A at a loss and buy fund B. You can't buy back fund A for 30 days, or else you create a wash sale which negates the loss you took. After you clear the 30 days, then what? Fund B Is Down If fund B is down, [...]