Mega Backdoor Roth Without In-Service Distribution

I'm encouraged by the result of my anonymous poll on the availability of non-Roth after-tax contributions in your 401k or 403b plans. Indeed a good 40% of respondents reported having it available. It's not that elusive after all. This is really good news, because it's a great avenue to lower your taxes and save more for retirement. Because this is available to more people than I originally thought, I'm going to write a few more articles on this topic. If you don't have it available to you [...]

Expert Interview on Mint

As part of its Expert Interviews series, personal financial account aggregation and analytics site interviewed me. Among other questions I was asked what are some common misconceptions about investing I see floating around, and what are some [...]

The Elusive Mega Backdoor Roth: Feeling Lucky?

I usually don't write about things that don't affect me, because as a reader once said to me, topics that pique the author's own interest create the best content. I'm making an exception here because it's important enough if by odd chance you happen [...]

Solo 401k CP 214 Notice: Much Ado About Nothing

Whenever I get a letter from the IRS, my heart rate goes up. I'm afraid they are telling me something I don't want to hear. The latest letter from the IRS is quite strange. It's about my solo 401k plan. For more background on solo 401k, see Solo 401k [...]